We focus on two new tracks from the Istanbul based artist Üstün Lütfi Yildirim aka Akkor. Akkor’s deeply felt electronic pieces skirt the line between dark ambient, deconstructed techno and site-specific sound-art. We are thrilled to display two of his offerings below.  


While operating as a dark ambient / experimental electronic track full of completely disorienting tonal shifts and field recordings that have been manipulated into completely new creatures, “An” is actually a solo piano composition at its heart. Although digitally deconstructed, the strong melodies and sharp hits of Akkor’s acoustic piano are replete throughout providing an extra gravitational pull. 

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Sounds of urban life are manipulated and distorted to create the growing and evolving noisefloor of “Zabt” while a serrated bass line and sunken piano line punctuates the searching din. “Zabt” is a surging night drive through an abandoned city. Streetlights passing on each beat. Subtle synthwave influences can be found on here in its motorick linear drive. A truly nocturnal track, Akkor delivers on the promise of creating site-specific urban music on “Zabt”.

Listen on Spotify.

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