One of our favorite ambient artists recently released albums on two labels that we love dearly: Healing Sound Propagandist out of Indianapolis and Aural Canyon out of Austin, TX. 


“Held” from the album Held | Pur is one of those glossy missives of pure ambient texture that I can – and have – listen to for days. Subtle shifts, sand shifting beneath your feet at an imperceptive pace until you look up and you are miles from where you started, melodic fragments that shoot like sparks against a starless night, movements that take the entire composition to complete. Ah. We are in heaven here.  Perfection from the Amsterdam based artist.


While we certainly love those container ship current ambient pieces by Andarctica, “Rustle” is a bit more agile – cutting zig-zagging paths through still waters on his latest on Aural Canyon. Based around orchestral samples, active tape loops, field recordings and hazy, gauzey guitar textures, “Rustle” bobs and weaves with it’s own sense of internal momentum and is driven by a restless spirit of exploration and discovery. A beautiful, utterly moving compositions of sanded outputs.

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