“A Thousand Dinners” is the second single from the Baltimore Noise-Rock band’s 02.28 release Sleep Running on Crass Lips Records. A bit more of a deconstructed take  on their muscular noise and rock predilictions, “A Thousand Dinners” crawls at first, pairing a plodding bass line with a thousand voices singing through detuned guitars to create a musical landscape as analogue to dissociative states of psychosis. The visuals for “A Thousand Dinners” present a similar ego-death. A ripping at the seams of personality and universe that happens when we accidentally get a glimpse of ourselves in the mirror on an unwise amount of psychedelics.  As the riffs coalesce around the chorus we are knocked back into lucidity as lyrics about accepting the apocalypse enter into our psyche as our best insurance for surviving the next 10 years. 10 stars. 

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