“Early Morning Summer” is the other side of a crippling bout of depression and self-destruction. Contemplation of self-harm, trying to stay alive when it seemed pointless to do so but doing it any way: “Early Morning Summer” tackles these elements with enough distance to not inspire any immediate concern about Lew Houston’s well-being. Instead the contents of a very, very shitty 3 years are wrung through sheets of distortion, fist-in-the-air sing along choruses and a sense of well-won satisfaction of looking back at where you came from. Houston chronicles a serious bout of depression that started in 2016 and the road to recovery that provided him with that distance – therapy, meditation, energy healers and medication – got him to the point to pick up his guitar and start writing again. “Early Morning Summer” is the end point of that long road where the incline picks up. Houston writes and sings with a certain ferocity on “Early Morning Summer” recalling SST era indie rock bands like Husker Du filtered through aughts torchbearers like Cloud Nothings. Bauwaves make desperation sound triumphant on this burner of a single. Long live bauwaves.

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