We are really happy to share this new video from the D.C. based band Bound. Bound take a wide-angle view of all things post- in Rock and Roll. The slowburn of “The Lines” completes an emotional arc from contemplative to emotive in Bryan Buchanan’s steady vocal command over droning guitars and steady Post-Rock exposition before exploding into a Metal-tinged (just listen for the solo-ing) climax that pushes “The Lines” into some deep cathartic territory. Railroad spikes found underneath a road that used to be train tracks behind Buchanan’s family farm in Virgnina are used as subtle percussion in “The Lines”. The video from synth player and vocalist Trish Harris completes the forward momentum progression of “The Lines” by incorporating motion graphics that feature heavily the linear progression through this haunted landscape. 

Their new album Haunts was released earlier this month on Jetsam-Flotsam / Diehard Skeleton. 

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