In this interview I sit down with Sam Molstad of Orchard Thief and Material. We chat about his early experiences in a thriving Wisconsin DIY Scene, his early experiences in making and recording music, booking shows and creating music in Minneapolis and his excellent new record “The Gentle World” out now on Already Dead Records.


I sit down the Nottingham, UK based electronic artist to talk about early musical inspirations, UK club scene and how life would have been different if he would have downloaded Bill Clinton speeches instead of Trance classics.


I sit down with Marlo and Cleo of the Cincinnati noise project Slug Death to discuss their musical influences, indulge an unwieldy conversation about Phish and listen as Slug Death poke holes in the dominant white noise dude paradigm. It’s a good one. Link to Slug Death Bandcamp Contort Your Body, For Like, Three Hours …

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I had the opportunity to sit down with Nashville-based electronic artist Eve Maret to discuss early musical experiences, connections between religion and artistic development and what it means to really go for it. Eve Maret’s deluxe version of “No More Running” is now available on Banana Tapes. A reminder that you can find this, and …

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I had the pleasure of sitting down with Dr. Brianna Matzke – pianist and educator – to talk about her early experiences hearing music, inherently political art and, most importantly, how Brianna hears and experiences music.


Bill MacKay’s gorgeous, rambling album “Fountain Fire” is out today on Drag City. Before his show in Cincinnati at Torn Light Records, Bill and I exchanged a few questions about some of the influences that were drawn into this new album and where and under what conditions one should listen to it.  1. On this …



Consisting of Joe Lally and Brendan Canty of Fugazi and DC-based guitarist Anthony Pirog – The Messthetics are a lean and muscular instrumental punk-prog powerhouse. In this interview we talk about the formation of the group, Joe and Brendan’s musical lives since Fugazi and the tight-knit D.C. experimental scene.


I chat with Covington, KY-based artist Pete Fosco about early musical memories, Early 00’s CD-R finds and answer the ultimate question: Garth Brooks vs. Chris Gaines. Pete is the ultimate in “what’s a nice person like you doing in a genre like this?”.