One good reason to get married is the presents. I’m not saying it is the only reason to get married, but if you need something to tip the scales on the big decision, truth be told you get a lot of free/awesome stuff. So, to my friends who sent presents or happy thoughts to us as we got married this month I offer Fragments by Daisuke Miyatani as a virtual fist bump or high five. Although the sentiment is there, in no way does Fragments get beyond a nice short hug, a brief assurance of the connection between two people. Clocking in at barely over 8 minutes this little fragment of beautiful acoustic/ambient warmth is a ready companion to reading by the fire, slowing your heart rate in a crowded airport, or expanding your knowledge of a growing list of talented  Japanese ambient artists who create indulgent escapes into the warmth of an analog fuzz bath. Field recordings of industrial landscapes and birds are buried under the muted pall of intricately picked guitars and found-percussion, creating a pastoral little slice of auditory heaven. I have to admit I am a sucker for two things: 1) sounds of waves crashing 2) back tracked guitar parts. Both are fully present on “Genkide-ne” Creation-Centre is always a great place to go when you need new music and are willing to be surprised by anything. A wordless thank you to you all.

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