We really enjoy David Curington’s shape-shifting approaches to experimental source material and tightly executed output. Top-notch work from this UK based artist. 


The alliterative “Flexible Foundations Moving Forwards” is full of descending triadic harmonies that sound as if the atomic clock is slowly being detuned and time is skipping like like a record on an unsteady turntable. Harsh noise is triggered and then slowly recedes into harmonic sheets of inwardly glowing tones the further it gets from the source. A strike and then the turning away. Jagged shifts abide but when it finds its tonal center the entire track feels like coming home. 


The infinite ellipsis titled track is a solo oboe improvisation with live effects. Channeling Michael Foster or Wasteland Jazz Unit, the oboe is set to perfectly executed nefarious purposes. Ripping huge holes in the fabric of respectable oboe operation. Dips, squawks, audible breaths are filtered through live effects. The extended technique is unknown, but it doesn’t matter. Curington rips.

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