Here’s a quickie but a goodie. Baltimore’s Dead Drums and its new single “Carousin’ USA” sounds like what our generation’s front porch rocking chair music will be when we’re all old and fat and lazy (can’t wait). Slow, easy-going, delicate, and beautiful. It’s damn-near the simplest song I’ve heard all year—two bass notes, mild-pop groove between a bass and snare samples, and gently wafting strums of a tremolo-drenched guitar. The voice comes from behind you, almost massaging your shoulders as you lounge the evening hours away in a coma-inducing swelter. “Perfect” is a word I hate using. I’m using it now: this is so perfect.

You can download this hot little number via the link below at Dead Drums’ Bandcamp page. It also comes with an amazing remix of a track called “Edna” that makes use of some really unique rhythmic ethno-hop beats a-la Tortoise’ John Herndon.


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