One of the most formidable Doom Metal bands creating brutally crushing music today, Very few bands use their voice and platform quite as powerfully as Divide and Dissolve. Mirroring the brash, bone-crushing potency of their dynamic Drone music, the formidable, D&D carry their fight and ancestors fight forward each and every day, using the power of their performances to draw attention to the ongoing battle against systemic oppression. “RVR” was released as part of Saddle Creek Records 7″ Document series. 

Divide And Dissolve are a heavy two-piece thunderous force of neo-classical doom metal, blackened drone with a fortress of amps to open up the earth. They utilize drums, guitar, saxophone and live effects to create music designed to decolonise, decentralise, and destroy white supremacy. Takiaya (Black & Tsalagi Cherokee) and Sylvie (Māori) ; their work aims to pay respect to their ancestors.

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