Mediocrity, amirite? For me, mediocrity is a made up term, like guilty pleasures, used to reinforce the capitalist concept of the deification of the successful aka rich. A focus on personal achievement and mastery that is usually unlocked by your parents being really, really wealthy – most likely because of some kind of human rights abuse. Lessons, time, non-toxic stress of being poor, an ample safety net and getting your rent paid are, 9/10, the background scaffolding behind your favorite artists who “make it”.  The concept of making art for the sake of making art – if it doesn’t rise to those standards – is often lamented as mediocre, even if quite proficient and accompanied with a degree of exposure that cuts through the traditional gatekeeping outlets. But honestly. Fuck all that. Drew Danburry’s career is an unconscious critique of this idea. A constant reinvention of self and a expression of joy in creating art because its fun and important and helps other people who feel the same. This video and song can be seen as a culmination of 15 years of still feeling unsettled after creating tons of great art, countless shows that brought smiles to people’s faces and being a kind ambassador for one the most depressing places cities in one of the most depressing states in the country – Utah County, Utah. Now living in Missoula, MT Danburry’s work still rings out with honesty and empathy for those who feel like they don’t measure up.  It’s not you, it’s capitalism. 

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