If 2020 needed another “Damn, go off Queen” anthem that celebrated the libratory politics of Feminism, Austin, TX band Family Mart deliver with “My Anarcha-Feminist Crush”. Channeling the heavy fuzz and gentle melodies of bands like The Pains of Being Pure in Heart, Go Sailor, and the deep Indie Pop roster of Sarah and Slumberland Records, Family Mart create pitch-perfect loud-soft Shoegaze under towers of feedback and fuzz. 

“My Anarcha-Feminist Crush” is written from the perspective of “proudly watching our sisters tear down the patriarchy”. Deeply appreciative allyship turns into fantasies of being a willing accomplice in Direct Action as Mike Lee gently croons:

“Are you ready for her?
Are you ready to be destroyed by her?
I’ll be right there kicking you on the ground
I want her to burn everything in her way
I want her to burn everything to the ground
And I hope she remembers your address”

As 2020 limps towards the finish line, it is probably a good idea to reflect on those moments when crowds seemed to move with one mind and destruction paved the way for something better. 

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