“Love Part II” and “Elevate Your Hi-Fi” from the Minneapolis post-rock outfit First Dates is a multi-instrumental, multi-modal first impression that went better than any first date you’ve probably had. “Elevate Your Hi-Fi” is a piano led track that effortless blends in double-time, martial percussion, stirring strings and an aching lap-steel that reaches a sell-all crescendo that is heavy without ever touching a power chord or fuzz pedal. The type of post-rock championed by the Chicago / Louiseville of Brainiacs cut through some of the better instincts of 00’s crescendo-core. “Love. Part II.” pulls these influences out in a bit more pronounced fashion. Featuring echoing xylophone passages atop deep, cavernous drumming and ascendant piano work, “Love. Part II” is a deeply felt, emotional work. One that explores the edges of the love that we profess to each other. Highly recommended, deeply resonant work. 

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