ifʎʎellow – “Wrong”

Little known fact: My day job is a licensed therapist. One thing I hear often from my clients are statements and their mistakes and failures are definitive statements of who they are at their core. The more we believe this the deeper we get into a cycle of guilt that sees set-backs as reminders of how awful we are and successes as rare flukes or undeserved glitches. Once we work on examining the reality of these statements I try to help individuals re-frame their set-backs and failures as necessary information we need to not repeat them. “Wrong” by Portland based experimental electronic / R&B artist ifʎʎellow is on a similar wavelength. Recorded as a confessional / note-to-self the lyrics read:

“i went down the wrong road

and i did it to myself

all i needed is a reality check

i only got so much time left

i gotta get better

i did it all before

i did it on my own

i always fuck it up when i am upset

i gotta get better”

Recorded against the backdrop of sparse beats, broken house chords and snippets of voices floating in from the rafters and ping-ponging between headphones. It’s soulful and deeply experimental. We’ve been fans of hers for the past year and “Wrong” really sees a major step forward in her creation of deeply felt and engaging compositions. 

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