Tome to the Weather Machine is proud to premiere the latest video from the Denver-based music and art collective Itchy-O. “Saptaloka” pulls from the same deep mine of imagery of Jodorowski’s “Holy Mountain” with the classic “cat-and-mouse game” that we play with ourselves as new fissures and cracks appear on our upward trajectory towards attempting to heal and become whole. Shot in the long-abandoned Stanley Mines in Idaho Falls, CO, “Saptaloka” is a distillation of what makes Itchy-O an intriguing and rabidly revered group – the intensity of the guerrilla marching band drums against a squealing electronics and churning guitars are all present here. The track and video speak to a never-ending ascension. By gleaning clues and inferring meaning from the ancient structures that rule the subconscious we are able to bring those into the light, unlocking clues that help us in our Rube-Goldberg like progress towards understanding and healing. 

Listen to Mystic Spy / Psykho Dojo here

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