Gawd Damn this rips. Keepers of the Earth Peace Music Revolution are a “suburban looking” father / son duo with a Doom Metal drummer that completely floored me with this heavy, heady psych that pulls everywhere from Hawkwind, Boris, Nadja, Bardo Pond, Comets on Fire, Black Angels and an entire cast of late 10’s DIY psych bands that exploded out of dive bars and house shows. Built around some serious down-tuned sludge riffage, “Black Rose” slowly climbs out of an abyss cavern of muddy low-end towards celestial psych as the 10 minute track creeps along. Voices find their way through cracks in the firmament as distortion and ambient synthesizers bleed in from the corners. There are some brilliant moments here where improvisation bleeds into more tightly composed section with some familial ESP. Eventually the track bleeds out into interlacing drones and ambient tonal shifts that radiate into cosmic bliss.

KEPMR are from a Salt Lake City music scene that is renowned for it’s psychedelic take on heavy music. We’ve been incredibly impressed in the past by bands like Eagle Twin, Seven Feathers Rainwater, Sympathy Pain, Cult Leader, etc…but I feel a bit sheepish of not hearing of this band until now. “Black Rose” is a near perfect psych bliss out. 

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