Liam Mour is a Berlin-based electronic artist whose thoughtful and honest synth work is on full display on his Ode to Youth EP. Born in Central Asia and taking up residence in the famed Funkhaus space, Mour’s work has led him to tour with Gold Panda and support artists like Four Tet while performing in Nils Frahm’s live ensemble. Ode To Youth was crafted from the ground up using all analog synthesizers and effects – the result is an excellent opening salvo full of gorgeous Stars of the Lid style ambient passages and subtle techno grooves that find purchase in the heavy reverb of snares and the crack of the tom.

Moving between these two zones we find the title track “Ode to Youth” chasing some gorgeously free-floating arpeggios full of neuron-rattling delay and the subtle shadings of a house beat bubbling up from the background. Everything snaps into place once it finds it’s groove – overlapping synth lines and percussive measures bleeding into an ambient bridge before slowly crashing in with a new melodic bass line that pulls the entire composition further and further into the realm of heavily nostalgic and emotionally resonant realms. 

The EP’s ambient center-piece the almost 10 minute “Are You Ready for a Change” is a total free fall into gorgeous lapping tonal passages and coloration shading drones that trigger chromethesia in the most wonderful sense. It’s an elegant SOTL ode to the nostalgic value of ambient music.

Ode to Youth is an impossibly strong EP by this Berlin based artist.


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