We were thrilled to hear new work from the Portland, OR duo Lore City with their first single “It’s All Happening” from their upcoming album Alchemical Task out in October. Following up an excellent 2014 LP on Already Dead titled Kill Your Dreams, the duo of Laura Mariposa Williams and Eric Angelo Bessel present “Into Your Blue” which explores a sparser approach to their Shoegaze-heavy / Dream-Pop adjacent Art-Rock. 

By sparser I am referring to the economy of instruments on “Into Your Blue”  which orbits around voice, synth and rhythmically complex drums. “Into Your Blue” swells and wains, following Williams’ breath cycles as her voice climbs from a deep guttural coaxing into a ringing belt within a single movement. Synths cut like super container ships underneath the composition, creating massive wakes by moving at slow speeds. With no discernible edges the listener hears the ghostly traces of subtle shifts underneath processed percussion that comes in a hairs breath off, creating a delightfully disorienting effect. 

With two singles already receiving some marked praise for their compositional complexity and depth, we are looking forward to the entire album reveal this October.

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