Lymbyc Systym / This Will Destroy You – Field Studies (Magic Bullet, 2009)

While relatively short offerings the re-release of Carved by Glaciers and the recently released European tour split EP with Austin’s This Will Destroy You chronicle a band in it’s gradual evolution to one of the most creative groups putting out music today. I was completely floored by the Lymbyc Systym’s 2007 albums Love your Abuser and its subsequent remix album and was ecstatic when I saw they would be recording with like-minded, albeit heavier, quartet This Will Destroy You who put out an amazing album in 2008 on Magic Bullet. 

For those of you not yet stoked on the Lymbyc Systym (the only reason being you have not heard them) let me introduce you: The Lymbyc Systym are two brothers from Arizona who put out the same kind of compelling, instrumental wizardry that combines live drumming and instrumentation with programmed beats and synths that made The Album Leaf and The One AM Radio big time. The complexity and creativity of the Bell brothers produce albums that are infinitely listenable and enjoyable. Carved By Glacierswhile a debut, is a rare album that displays a young band confident in the sound, style, and direction of their music with a fraternal interaction that was conceived and nurtured through a lifetime of making music together. 

The remixes by Her Space Holiday and The American Analog Set are worth the price of admission. Fast forward to 2009 with TWDY. While a little heavier with new addition of shoegaze electric guitar thrown in the mix here and there The Lymbyc Systym feels like a band that has been making music together for a long time and not a young band in mid stride. 

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