“Cloud Parade” is another absolutely stunning composition and video by the Toronto based Michael Peter Olsen. Featuring choreography from Mateo Galindo Torres and directed by Adrienne McLaren, “Cloud Parade” is described as, “a meditation on the interior self and the constructs we use to navigate the modern emotional life, “Cloud Parade” explores the pure feeling one can evoke with seemingly meaningless facsimile and simulation.”. Inspired by 19th century classical influences that explore the connections between “real” and “fake” music and similarly “real” and “fake” emotional states. In a society obsessed with the spectacle of the “emotional breakdown” and the “karen video”, emotion without context is a hopelessly addicting act in voyeurism. By exploring what is real and what is just on display in music and in our own emotional landscape, Michael Peter Olsen’s work finds some kind of stability in the intersection between both.

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