From only spending a handful of weeks on the east coast after living my entire life on the west I have a few misconceptions about Easterners. One is that they are all business all the time. I think of handshakes closing business deals, eating leftover take out at midnight after coming home from the office, gray suits and coffee. Everything about it seems claustrophobic. The nineties movies of Oliver Stone and Jonathan Demme have clearly skewed my perception of the east coast because Niagara Falls are about as expansive and free flowing as the Utah desert and Boulder hippies. Niagara Falls embodies all that is right with psychedelic music, the pulsating rhythms of trance inducing percussion, waves of ambient synth washes and electronic manipulation of collective noise.  The groove heavy dynamic keeps the songs on the ground as the endless overlays of synths and distorted guitar keep our gaze heaven bound. Having gone through a phase of listening to nothing but hazy looped guitar drones it is nice to have taken a step back, only to have something as spot on as Niagara Falls pull me right back in. I never really get tired of krautrock, there is so much to discover, and Niagara Falls is a direct extension of the discovery and creativity that I find so appealing about good Psychedelic music. The shape shifting nature of Sequence of Prophets  guarantees that it never gets old and the sound is just so spacey that I often have to remind myself that I am listening to music, it is easy to get in a trance while listening to Sequence of Prophets. Do yourself a favor and pick this up for hours of repeat listening. 

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