NOAH ANDERSON – “52.5200 DEGREES N., 13.4050 E.”

A love letter to Berlin, the London based Noah Anderson has created a gorgeous and spacious recording that combines a string quartet playing elongated notes with the deep compositional minimalism of 80’s synths coming in with lunar tide regularity. It’s a perfect track to get lost in. Just enough room to allow your thoughts to roam and enough forward momentum to keep you glued to your headphones. According to Anderson, his latest album Places,  “is inspired by my love of different cities and landscapes around the world and draws inspiration from all these places which I’ve either visited or lived in. Each composition incorporates a reflection of the time spent in each location. Revisiting emotions and mental states of the time. I really love this parallel between place and time. For me every location has played host to different life events. I wanted to explore this relationship within the music.”

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