On “AMA” the Australian based artist ponders the many meanings of the word through overlapping waves of synth, lunar-tide drone and field recordings. There is a oceanic pull on “AMA” that allows the listener to follow their breath with each inhale and exhale of the meditative synth line that serves as the backbone of this composition. Throughout the track, Phondupe folds in layers of cascading synths, distant woodwinds and a field recordings from the temples on Teshima island in Japan. It makes sense that these field recordings were recorded in a place set apart from the world to contemplate the self in relationship to the rest of the world. In “AMA” it’s easy to find that distinct sense of rest and meditation. 

Of “AMA” Phondupe states, “The word “Ama” means something different in over 50 languages – “loves” in Italian”, “now” in an indigenous Aztecian dialect. In Japanese it’s used to describe the infamous female free-divers who scale the bottom of the ocean for pearls.

There’s something in that – holding your breath for a pearl. A lot has changed in the last 6 months, and while we all wait it out, submerged in doubt, hoping for positive news, I’ve also learned to stop and enjoy the view underwater.”

Listening to “AMA” is akin to being underwater, looking up and seeing the world come in and out of focus through the tidal pull. Fans of Tim Hecker, Steve Hauschildt and Sarah Davachi should take note.

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