I don’t normally quote extensively from a press release, but seriously, just read this. 

“For nearly a year, in the midst of a persistent amphetamine psychosis, Richard Vaughn genuinely believed himself to be a Divine Prophet in direct communication with entities from an alternate dimension known as Rosewood Sinking. During the worst snowstorm in the history of Maryland, while battling the real-world demons of mental illness and on the verge of losing contact with reality, Richard used a hammer and nails to board himself up inside his ramshackle Baltimore apartment as the snow begin weighing heavily on the doors and windows. Totally isolated from the outside world by cabinets he’d disassembled and couches he’d torn apart, he began working on what would become his second full-length album, Pharmakeia.

Eating frequently from a large bottle of Adderall and staying awake for days at a time, Richard quickly spiraled into an abyss of increasingly alarming hallucinations that warned him of an impending apocalypse that only he could prevent. Using an old tape recorder and a dumpster-dived electronic keyboard that he’d splatter-painted with a toothbrush dipped in spoonfuls of his own blood, Richard created Pharmakeia by dictating the sound waves he heard coming from the entities inside Rosewood Sinking.”

This thing is wild. How does one know when they are making or listening to outsider art? Totally unhinged, completely ambitious, shockingly well executed, those entities from Rosewood Sinking can write one hell of a tune. Did I mention this was released on Chinga Chang Records. An exclusively Hip-Hop label. Fucking nuts. 


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