Signed to Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith’s Touchplants label, “Prominent Geological Formations” is a collaboration between author-illustrator Rob Moss Wilson and filmmaker-synthesist Cool Maritime. These multi-hyphenated artists met while building tree houses in Santa Cruz, CA – adding yet more hyphens to their rivulets of passion / practice. From there the two began “constructing forts of a different nature” finding collaborative pay-dirt between Bob Moss Wilson’s “succession of koan-like musings delivered in Wilson’s unpretentious tone, which is both deepened and given levity by Hellfritsch’s sonic watercoloring. Wilson’s words meet us right where we are: the dirt-spatter on our cars, the push-pull of grocery store impulses, standout joggers clad in bluejeans, and any number of modern niceties that become hilarious and humbling when simply noticed.” “Prominent Geological Formations” is a headspace that we can (and should) nestle into – patient but aware, noting the universe as significant but with a playful, light demeanor. 

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