Maybe it is because I am sick and can only stick with a single thought for a few seconds, but I really think that Westword writer and Tome contributer Tom Murphy said it best when he wrote, 

Much of Roger, Roll’s material conjures the sun streaming through the clouds after a mid-spring rainstorm and that ineffable sense of renewal. But there is also, in every song, the quiet intensity of ocean waves with emotional depths to match, resulting in solid pieces of heart-stirringly shimmering pop. 

Truth. Roger, Roll (one of the many wonderful projects of Mr. Eric Peterson) writes gorgeous folk-tinged pop songs that seem to trawl up forgotten memories that develop backwards into color faded images of childhood birthday parties and candid, no-makeup road trips into the Uintas taken on disposable cameras. 

p.s. Eric Peterson is the man responsible for bringing you this totally rad, easy-navigating website. His other band, Houses, is also amazing.

Ryan H.

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