I wonder how many of these exist out in the world? Feeling hungover, tired and cold we shuffle to our computer, turn on ableton and start plucking out notes on our midi keyboard until the gentle minor chord pattern begins speaking back to us. We throw some reverb and delay on there and suddenly, this morning exercise  becomes the spell warding against death that we needed. 

In a lot of ways receiving this track from the Perth, Australia artist is why I love doing the Tome. This is the first release by Sheerdell and was admittedly banged out in 10 minutes. A blog under the big tent of “experimental” music lends itself well to these true experiments in form from folks who wouldn’t necessarily call themselves “musicians”. The result is a truly meditative and deeply felt composition that reminds me of Hiroshi Yoshimura and Harold Budd. Their minimalist compositions must have been conceived in similar ways: under the spell of a feeling that can only be fully exorcised by putting fingers to keys and hearing that long tail of reverb dissipate before the next note gently presses down. 

“Lull” is the first composition by Sheerdell and I truly hopes he continues with these first-thought / best-thought pieces of music. They won’t all be brilliant, but “Lull” is endlessly listenable and feels just right for those cold, hungover mornings. 

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