An album for all occasions, Son Lux took an already well-written song and for his EP, remixed and reorchestrated each song, collaborating with various artists transcending genres. The result: each song on the album, though the same song lyrically, holds itself independent from one another, with a singular, haunting melody keeping each song connected. I will be the first to say, that, personally, remixes are not my cup of tea, but Son Lux’s uses of different beats and instruments and making each song unique, definitely won me over.

No matter the mood or occasion I can revert back to this album. If I am mellowed out I can listen to the WEAPONS II or WEAPONS VII. Son Lux’s classical use of string instruments in the first song, won my heart and imagination over. WEAPONS III (Polyphonic Remix) immediately reminded me of Matmos, in which the artists creatively utilize the sounds and beats around them to build an entire song. The Polyphonic Remix definitely achieved this goal.

The rumors are true. I am a sucker for hip-hop, hence the paper chain I have made to count down T.I.’s release date from prison (March 26!!!). So when I began listening to the Alias Remix of WEAPONS VI, I was completely captivated, and found myself nodding my head to the beat and waving my hands in the air like I just don’t care. Beyond the incorporated use of hip-hop, I am pretty much a sap for classical string instruments and the majority of his songs incorporated such a use, which left my ears yearning for more. If anything, this album definitely left me wanting more Son Lux. My solution? Leaving it on repeat. Best. Idea. Ever.

Erin Leigh

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