Tullamarine are a South London based duo whose music sits comfortably in the venn diagram between multiple genres. On the three song EP Stratosphere the two combine elements of IDM, House, Neo-Classical and ambient music poised in perfect tension with one another.  This amount of ground covered never feels forced, however. If we are to use Warp Records in the 90’s or Clipp. Art as a contemporary comparison, we hear two omnivorous music listeners synthesizing a massive music library through a three track EP.

The eponymous “Stratosphere” starts with a driving House Beat atop a sea of jilted and broken electroacoustic melodies before snapping into place with a funk-adjacent bass line and a terrifically complex rhythm accompaniment dropping in. We hear some aching reverb and distortion on the ping-ponging guitar arpeggios that – sitting perfectly in the pocket – had been there for most of the composition. Some deep IDM percussion and squiggly synths settle in before waves of aching reverb wash over the audio field. Definitely club influenced, the left-field inspirations aside “Stratosphere”s driving beat highlight the DANCE in IDM. “Automation” is a delicate piano composition that rings out with plenty of natural reverb. “Automation” echoes with hints of Eno and Harold Budd.

The last track on the EP is full of downtempo beats and stuttering modular synth. A heavy Aphex Twin / Squarepusher beat comes in and settles before splintering off into a million fragments. The lo-fi drum machine qualities of the percussion keep “Monochrome” in a grittier, headier zip code with 909 as the last three digits. 

Stratosphere is an incredibly auspicious debut for the South London trio. We are looking forward to hearing plenty more. 

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