Venkman is a Glasgow based Synthwave artist whose ghost still rattles through the broken arcades – a reminder of the bright and technologically advanced future the 80’s promised us. Maybe we didn’t heed the warnings of all of the dystopian films of that era, because we are heading quickly to the hellish post-apocalyptic wasteland quicker than we are the bright and shining metropolis that was promised. Venkman’s music – a bass heavy synthwave would be a perfect score for both scenarios. 

Venkman’s use of fat, surging bass lines and bright, shining arpeggios recall a time period where the synthesizer promised unparalleled music freedom at a bargain price. By reprocessing these sounds we hear new shades and hues that these keyboards and drum machines are able to produce. Deep, subteranean bass hits and reverb heavy arpeggios are replete throughout this 5 track EP. “Trumpwave.EXE” presages this nightmarish present where post-vaporwave fascism is an actual thing and a former TV show host is using a social media platform designed to organize lunch between coworkers to call for protesters to be shot and killed.

+/- Infinity is chilling in how its inherent melodicism can be incredibly catchy while mourning a future we tried and failed at obtaining. 

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