Collaborations under quarantine have been one of the few bright spots that this global pandemic has brought about. I’ve seen some truly inspiring virtual collaborative performances from thoughtfully curated outlets like Experimental Sound Studio Quarantine Concert series.  Artists like the London based Wolf Light have also found new ways to collaborate that replicate the bracing immediacy of working in person with a fellow artist. Recorded in one week with vocals ripped straight from an iphone recording, the UK based Owen Gray offers his remix to “Phantom / There is Nobody Left”.

Creating a ghostly call-and-response with his voice, Gray finds tiny nooks and crannies for his voice in the dark ambient melodies and deeply muted 808 kicks sounding out like an arrhythmia on an EKG and snares that snap like brittle branches under heavy boots. When snapping into place, Gray’s rapped vocals centers on the death of a relationship – doubling down on the inherent melancholy that the track’s overlapping melodies exudes. The result of empty streets and ambient anxiety in the air. This remix is excellent work that speaks to the willingness to pivot and find new modes of collaboration during increasingly desperate times. 

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