The great and wonderful Kennel District shared this amazing artist with me just a few short weeks ago, starting with the jaw-droppingly beautiful Fade Cave EP, and already Wayne, Maine native and recent New York transplant Alex Schaaf (a.k.a. Yellow Ostrich) has released two more EP’s in its wake for your listening enjoyment—a collection of songs inspired by Morgan Freeman’s wikipedia page (which is as hilarious as it is ingenious), and the brand new The Serious Kids. Both of these releases show the artist is already taking brave chances with his music, incorporating elements of pop and various instrumentation previously unexplored in Fade Cave. But oh, my… Fade Cave is simply essential listening for 2010. This guy just has a knack for harmony, filling out his songs with a powerful, powerful weapon: his voice. And Fade Cave is composed almost entirely of these vocal harmonies, save for some drum machine backings. But that voice. Those voices. Coming together with such clockwork precision, filling out the space between my ear drums with heavenly choral arrangements. Comfortably warm baritones on my left, angelic tenors on my right, and me just melting in middle. What’s even more refreshing is that Yellow Ostrich isn’t so dreary. “Firefly” skips along like kids in a field of daisies, and “Fog” sways gently from side-to-side like lounging in hammock on a cool summer’s afternoon. But that doesn’t mean Schaaf can’t break some hearts either. The breakdown in “Getting Lost/Staying Lost?” Heart: shattered.

You can grab this and Yellow Ostrich’s other releases for whatever you’d like to throw down at his Bandcamp page—a site you’ll want to keep a close eye on, as it will likely fill out to ridiculous lengths in the coming months. Schaaf’s already promised another release in 2010.. Keep ’em comin’.


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