Tome to the Weather Machine Podcast 051. Featuring new work by Sonnet / Matsumoto, Pedestrian Deposit, -=+, Quinie, Jacksen Elswyth, Elkhorn, Fritz Pape, Jakob Lindhagen,  Hotel Neon, Jordan Reyes, Lonna Kelley,  Your Heart Breaks, Claire Rousay, Ayankoko, Automelodi, Headboggle, Tree House.





I had the pleasure of sitting down with Dr. Brianna Matzke – pianist and educator – to talk about her early experiences hearing music, inherently political art and, most importantly how Brianna hears and experiences music.






New Singles from Abe Hollow, Christopher Willits, Phil Anker, bokki, bejesus, Gerda, Walter Mmari and Ruchira Panda. 

Our Favorite 50 Records of 2018

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This month’s label sponsor is Sounds Et Al. Based out of Portland, London and New York, Sounds et al explore sound, curation and collaboration and create physical objects of great beauty.

Including releases across literally every format, Sound et al have released music by Dolphin Midwives, ant’lrd & Benoit Pioulard, wndfrm, Manabu Shimada and many more.