Tome to the Weather Machine Podcast 049. Featuring new work by Lunaria, Synth Sisters, Cheekbone, Endurance, Kyle Landstra, Curved Air, DJ ONLYCHILD, Glacci, Jaeho Hwang, Rose, Rune Clausen, Finger/Plotkin/Zabelka, øjeRum, anthéne, Pag band







Before Bill’s show in Cincinnati we exchange a few lines about the new album, the Midwest and ideal listening conditions to take in “Fountain Fire” out now on Drag City Records.






Singles cruise

New Singles from OSA7029, Skai Lounge, Alex Cuba, Obstacle, Ørdop Wolkenscheidt, Marble Arch, Realizer, Tyler John Arnold, Palms Palms, Ex. Violet, Sono Koloyan, JTS, Josephine Wiggs







Our Favorite 50 Records of 2018










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label sponsor - AURAL CANYON

This month’s label sponsor is the Texas-based Aural Canyon. Dedicated to creating deep listening experiences for the new new age, Aural Canyon exists as a label, fundraising vehicle for vulnerable populations and a curated concert series hosting artists such as Laaraji, M. Gedes Greengras, Steve Hauschildt and Matthewdavid. 

This month they’ve released some beautiful music by Lunaria and Dura. Click on the link below to check it out.