Tome to the Weather Machine Podcast 062 features new music from Hidden Rivers, Tomotsugu Nakamura, Clifton Joey Guidry III, Lamin Fofana, Evischen, Tashi Dorji, Duma, Lauren Bousfield, Nate Scheible, Less Bells, Arrowounds, Echolog, Padang Food Tigers + Andrew Tuttle, Mark Trecka & Susan Alcorn 

I sit down with electronic artist Matthew Ryals to discuss his early childhood in rural Arkansas in a Conservative Christian home, early musical discoveries, studying classical guitar and his move into modular synth work and recent embrace and experiment with creating pop music with the tools of the bleepers and bloopers.

A deeply personal yet brilliantly abstract spoken word composition from the Chinese based Wolfwithoutteeth. Created directly after a depressive spell, “War on Carousel” is direct and confrontational in its delivery and subject matter. Inspired by Murakami’s collection of short stories “Dead Heat on the Carousel”, Wolfwithoutteeth pairs her spoken word poetry with downtempo, sample based electronic music. It’s bracing yet terrifyingly relatable….Read more.

Chris Korda’s relationship and contribution to political thought and art can’t be overstated. In Korda’s latest album Apologies to the Future,  states that “the central theme is that future generations—should they exist—will bitterly resent us for leaving them a wrecked planet. Korda excoriates the selfishness and solipsism of present generations, and describes the album’s “militant existentialism” as an urgent antidote to the post-truth era’s “alternative facts….Read more.

Liam Mour is a Berlin-based electronic artist whose thoughtful and honest synth work is on full display on his Ode to Youth EP. Born in Central Asia and taking up residence in the famed Funkhaus space, Mour’s work has led him to tour with Gold Panda and support artists like Four Tet while performing in Nils Frahm’s live ensemble. Ode To Youth was crafted from the ground up using all analog synthesizers and effects – the result is an excellent opening salvo full of gorgeous Stars of the Lid style ambient passages and subtle techno grooves that find purchase in the heavy reverb of snares and the crack of the tom… Read More….

Serein is a record label based in Wales. Since their beginnings as a net-label in 2005 they have featured artists from across the world on numerous recordings released digitally and on CD and vinyl. While focussing predominantly on crossover ambient styles, they do not limit themselves to any one genre.