Tome to the Weather Machine Podcast 062 features new music from Joel Shanahan, Ekin Fil, Aidan Baker, Lake Mary & Patrick Shiroishi, Yaara Valey, Siri Imani, clipping., x.y.r, BLAKMOTH, Pete Fosco, Buli, Kate Carr, Kole Galbraith, Staraya Derevnya, Mythical Creatures, Valance Drakes, Medina-Walsh, Eli Winter, que, Eternell

In this interview with Florida-based New Renaissance Artist Elizabeth A. Baker we discuss Elizabeth’s early experiences with music, her formative years in the Florida punk and math-rock scene, learning through community and unpack what it means to be a New Renaissance Artist.

There is a hidden darkness floating across the water. Ian Urbina’s New York Times Bestselling book, “The Outlaw Ocean” is a riveting portrait of the lawless nature of life on the ocean…..While doing the work of reporting for the book, Ian Urbina also collected an impressive library of field recordings. These recordings were shared with a group of musicians who were encouraged to use them to create music inspired by The Outlaw Ocean Music Project. At this current moment, the project has curated releases from a diverse stable of over 250 artists, representing every continent…Read More 

 The track features “dusty timbres, diffuse synthesizer, and soaring string textures tinted by the muted glow of a cloudy analog sky above”. If you’ve heard Keith Kenniff’s (GoldmundHeliosMint Julep) work before you know that the Pennsylvania based artist wastes no time in painting an aural picture that feels just a tad age-warped and sepia toned. Goldmund puts these to great effect with “Day In, Day Out” perfectly orchestrating a soaring build of synthesized strings and vaguely human voices cutting through the low cloud cover…Read More 

BIINDS presents a haunting and disturbing world with their video for TITAN – remixed by DALEK. To give a bit of an introduction, BIINDS is a German group made up of consists of its founding members Nicolo Sommer and Christy Taylor. The loosely formed group performs a gritty and noisy approximation of Trip-Hop, Ambient and Industrial music. Taken from their website, “BIINDS distance themselves from conventional band line-ups, clichés and genres. BIINDS sound varies from the cold darkness of industrial, at times experimental ambient and trip hop…Read More.

With The Journey, Mørketsvind weaves a tale of a truly epic odyssey, worthy of the world’s most talented dungeon master. The album is composed entirely of synthesized sounds. Electronic horns and percussion weave somber and regal melodies that evoke images of ancient throne rooms and banquet halls, full of resplendent knights, and noblemen…Read More.

Serein is a record label based in Wales. Since their beginnings as a net-label in 2005 they have featured artists from across the world on numerous recordings released digitally and on CD and vinyl. While focussing predominantly on crossover ambient styles, they do not limit themselves to any one genre.